Why Businesses Fall
Short of their Potential

No two companies are alike, but whatever industry they may be in and whatever their stage of growth or decline, there’s usually little mystery to their struggles and challenges.  In my experience, it comes down to meeting the critical needs for:

  1. A solid “Team-Based” written business plan that is tracked monthly to actual, that sets forth clear goals and detailed strategies for achieving these goals.
  2. A system of clear accountability among staff for achieving these goals.
  3. Meaningful, real-time metrics to quickly spotlight variations in planned performance and the need for corrective action.
  4. Efficient internal communication protocols that make it easy for managers to share information and engage in problem-solving.
  5. Efficient external communication protocols that keep stakeholders informed, credit flowing, and the company’s credibility ensured.
  6. An experienced advisor who can help the CEO formulate, plan, and implement profitable strategies while mitigating risk.
  7. Perhaps most importantly, a CEO who understands the critical success factors listed above and who is willing to share his/her thinking, listen to an honest, constructive assessment of the company, and work collaboratively to chart a better course.

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