The Turnaround Solution


Working closely with you and your team, We will:


  1. Open an honest, constructive dialogue with the CEO and their team.
  2. Build a 13-week survival plan and obtain buy-in from the Owners, Lender(s), and other impacted stakeholders.
  3. Track the plan consistently and discuss course corrections with the team to ensure success.
  4. Analyze the relevant data, discuss findings with the team, and determine which issues need the most urgent attention.
  5. Develop or overhaul the Turnaround plan, creating a practical strategy to address these issues.
  6. Assist the team in implementing the new or overhauled plan.
  7. Help design and implement a rigorous internal, real-time reporting system to assure success
  8. Help design and implement a tailored external reporting system that informs all impacted stakeholders.
  9. Work with you to repair your relationship with your Lender.

If you find your company in or headed to work-out, time is of the essence. Let’s talk about how I can help your company survive and prosper.