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How’s business? Is your company meeting its challenges?

As a consultant and hands-on advisor, drawing on my background as a CPA, CEO, COO, & CFO, with many years of experience advising clients,  I work closely with CEOs and their teams to analyze the root causes of problems and develop and implement practical solutions that work! I also have learned that successful problem-solving flows from building and fostering trust and teamwork among the CEO, the company associates, and me.

My clients represent a broad range of industries, including high tech, communications, manufacturing, distribution, food service, logistics, commercial & residential real estate construction & development, technical staffing, entertainment, and fiber optic construction– just to name a few industries.

Notably, I’ve also worked with many clients’ lenders.  When clients find themselves in a “turnaround” or “work-out,” I’ve successfully negotiated on their behalf and repaired their credit facilities. Throughout my career, I have negotiated with well over one hundred lenders, foreign and domestic, repairing large, complex credit facilities as well as small and simple credit facilities.

I offer two services:

The Turnaround Solution – for companies in or approaching severe financial distress that:

  1. are or may be soon assigned to their lenders Work-out Department
  2. might be incurring substantial losses
  3. are experiencing tight or negative cash flow
  4. their business strategy is not working

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The Affordable Advisor (TAA) program –  for companies that:

  1. are experiencing rapid growth and need better strategies for managing and sustaining that growth
  2. are experiencing year over year declines in revenue or profit
  3. are doing reasonably well but would like to do better!

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