Experienced. Insightful. Innovative. With a Track Record to Match!

What I love about these accolades is that my clients saw how the results of my work and leadership helped them survive and prosper.

Furthermore, they all shared a fascinating pattern. As prospective clients, they had all resisted the idea of obtaining help from a professional with a unique set of skills. And sometimes in the heat of battle – or later, while relaxing with a beer or a bourbon – they explained why they had been so resistant to accept the help:

  • Cash was tight, and they were losing money…hiring a consultant seemed utterly out of the question.
  • They could not imagine what a complete outsider would have to contribute since they knew their business best.
  • Things were just too chaotic to give this even a thought.

My guess is you may have similar feelings. So, I invite you to spend a few minutes exploring my:

Then let’s have a short, confidential conversation, at no obligation, so I can learn what your challenges are and suggest the ways I could help.